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How can I get Mounjaro for weight loss?

To get Mounjaro for weight loss, you will need to speak to a board-certified doctor to begin the evaluation process and complete any necessary lab tests. Although Mounjaro can promote weight loss, it is a medication to treat type 2 diabetes.

Book an appointment with one of our board-certified doctors online to discuss if you can qualify for Mounjaro and begin the evaluation process.

How do you qualify for Mounjaro?

Mounjaro is a new type 2 diabetes drug that can also help with weight loss. If you have diabetes and are struggling with weight loss, speak with one of our trusted, board-certified physicians online to discuss your health concerns and start the evaluation process for Mounjaro. This would include discussing your medical history and current medication and ordering baseline tests and studies to determine if you qualify for a Mounjaro prescription.

Wegovy and Saxenda are type 2 diabetes medications that are extremely effective for weight loss. They have now been approved for weight loss only without type 2 diabetes. Speak to one of our trusted, board-certified doctors about how Wegovy and Saxenda could be right for you.

Can I get a Mounjaro prescription online?

You may be able to get a Mounjaro prescription online after meeting with a doctor to discuss your medical history and completing any necessary evaluations.

You can been the evaluation process for Mounjaro online with one of our board-certified doctors. If you have diabetes and are looking for weight management options, book an appointment with one our our top rated doctors online. After ordering any necessary lab tests and reviewing your results, if you qualify, your doctor can electronically send a prescription to your local pharmacy.

How does Mounjaro work for weight loss?

Mounjaro works for weight loss by reducing hunger and slowing digestion.

Is Mounjaro approved for weight loss?

Although Mounjaro can promote weight loss, it has only been FDA-approved to treat type 2 diabetes.

How does Mounjaro work?

Tirzepatide is what is known as a “dual glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide–GLP-1 receptor agonist.”  This long and complicated name means it can do two things:

  1. Stimulate GLP-1 receptors in the body to both help control blood sugar and reduce hunger, promoting weight loss.
  2. Promote release of glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide which helps modulate levels of a hormone called glucagon and improve insulin sensitivity of adipose (fat) tissue.

Is Mounjaro the same as Ozempic?

Mounjaro and Ozempic are in the same class of drugs, but work via different mechanisms. Mounjaro works on GIP and GLP-1 receptors, while Ozempic only works on GLP-1 receptors. Both are used to treat type 2 diabetes and can promote weight loss. To find out which one is right for you, speak to one of our board-certified doctors.

How much does Mounjaro cost?

If you qualify for a Mounjaro prescription and the drug is included in your insurance plan’s formulary, your monthly cost may vary.  Most branded weight loss medications require prior authorization for insurance to cover the cost. Your PlushCare physician and care team will reach out to your insurer on your behalf, and this process can take several business days. If you are denied the prior authorization or do not have health insurance, you may still purchase the medication at the total cash price. It is important to note that a type 2 diabetes diagnosis is usually required for insurance approval of this medication.

The makers of tirzepatide/Mounjaro (Lilly) are currently offering a co-pay savings card of $25 per month for specific individuals who qualify, which can be found on their website. Unfortunately, Mounjaro is expensive without insurance, ranging around $1000/month, depending on the pharmacy.

Am I eligible for the Mounjaro Savings Card?

A limited number of patients may be eligible for the Mounjaro Saving Card, which allows certain patients to pay as little as $25 for a one-month or three-month supply of Mounjaro. You will likely need a type 2 diabetes diagnosis for eligibility. To find out if you are eligible, complete the enrollment form on the Mounjaro website.

What does Mounjaro do to your body?

Mounjaro helps control blood sugar and reduce hunger by releasing more insulin, less sugar, and slowing down digestion. This helps treat diabetes and can promote weight loss.

Can I get tirzepatide yet?

Production and distribution of tirzepatide to pharmacies began in June 2022, but there is limited availability.

What have been the results of the Mounjaro clinical trials?

A study published in 2021 called SURPASS-2 on over 1800 participants found that Mounjaro (tirzepatide) + metformin was superior to semaglutide +metformin on reduction in Hemoglobin A1C in individuals with Type 2 Diabetes.  When evaluating tirzepatide vs. semaglutide, as a secondary endpoint, 5.5% more weight loss was noted in the tirzepatide group compared to the semaglutide group.

The most recent clinical trial awaiting publication, called SURMOUNT-1, reports that the average weight loss among over 2500 trial participants was 16% at 72 weeks.  Adults who were randomly assigned to receive tirzepatide had average weight losses of 16% with 5 mg of the drug, 21.4% with 10 mg, and 22.5% with 15 mg, compared with only 2.4% weight loss with participants who took a placebo. Of the tirzepatide group, 89% achieved a weight loss of at least 5% compared with 28% in the placebo group as well. The average BMI of trial participants starting off was 38, and was reduced to an average of 30, with many subjects getting into the normal range.

The SURMOUNT-1 trial is still ongoing, and additional key outcome measures under study include progression to type 2 diabetes among patients with prediabetes.  It is anticipated that the trial will be continued for a total of an additional 104 weeks.

How does Mounjaro compare to similar weight loss medications, or weight loss surgery?

Keep in mind that currently Mounjaro (tirzepatide) is not technically FDA-approved for weight loss, but to treat diabetes.  But based on the results of SURMOUNT-1, if Mounjaro was approved for weight loss, it would easily become the most effective drug available. Given that it has two different mechanisms of action, it appears to have a greater effect on weight and blood sugar than GLP-1 agonist drugs alone, such as semaglutide or liraglutide, which are both currently FDA approved for sugar and weight control under different trade names. So when comparing tirzepatide vs. semaglutide, liraglutide, or other diabetes medicines, it seems to be much more effective.

Given that over half the patients on the 10 mg dose and 63% of those on the 15 mg dose lost more than 20% of their body weight, this number takes many past the weight loss achieved long term with surgical interventions such as the lap-band, and is within the typical ranges achieved long term with procedures such as the sleeve gastrectomy.


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